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Ring Gears &

Ring Gears & Pinions

  • We manufacture over 450,000 hypoid/spiral ring gear and pinion
    sets to service a variety of trucks, buses, cars and utility vehicles.
  • We offer both world famous systems of hypoid gear generation -
    Gleason (Face Milling) and Oerlikon (Face Hobbing).
  • We manufacture gear sets from 6" to 18.5" ring gear sizes.

We have state-of-the-art machines under both systems. We are equipped to satisfy the most discerning customers not only by way of offering a system of choice, but also through our ability to design and develop hypoid/spiral gears.

Our gear sets see application in heavy, medium and light duty trucks, buses, tractors, passenger cars, utility vehicles, forklift trucks, cooling towers and so on.




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