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Conveyor Mesh Belt Furnace Lines

Production rates from 200 to 2500 KG per hour. Capable of achieving different metallurgical processes at a high rate of productivity, while offering high uptime, energy efficiency and ease of maintenance.

Metallurgical Processes:

  • Normalizing
  • Annealing
  • Stress Relieving
  • Tempering
  • Solution Treating and Aging

Types of Products:

  • Stampings
  • Fasteners
  • Springs
  • Forgings
  • Castings
  • Valve Lifters
  • Camshafts and Precision Machined Components

Unique Features:

  • Ability to handle very small parts
  • Gas or electric options
  • Pre- and Post-cleaning systems
  • Various quench systems available such as oil, water, polymer or salt

Rotary Retort Furnaces

Metallurgical Processes:

  • Carburising
  • Carbonitriding

Types of Products:

  • Bearing Rollers,
  • Fasteners and
  • Precision Machined Components

Features & Options:

  • Furnace Sizes Available- 600kg,800 kg and 1000 kg gross load capacity
  • Electrical heating /Gas heating system
  • Brick Lined/Ceramic Fiber lined
  • Endothermic gas atmosphere control
  • Equipped for nitrogen purge
  • Oxygen probe system for controlling atmosphere
  • Control panel with PLC
  • Oil Quench Tanks with two submerged agitators

Pusher Furnaces for General Applications

Metallurgical Processes:

  • ISO Annealing
  • Spherodised Annealing
  • Hardening-Tempering & Normalising

Features & Options:

  • Furnace sizes are custom built to suit production requirement
  • Electrical heating /Gas heating system
  • Brick Lined/Ceramic Fiber lined
  • Control panel with PLC
  • Furnace Cooling/ Fast Cooling option Available

Automation and Handling Systems

The objective of the automated handling is to automate the loading & unloading activity for component and adapter grids from base trays on the hearth of the heat treatment furnace to quenching station and reloading of adapter grids and parts onto the base trays again.

Standard Features & Options

  • Minimum transfer time for each process
  • Safety Accessories - Biometric switches, Vision Camera & Load Cells
  • Ancillary Equipments- Output Conveyors, Loading indexer, Cooling Conveyors & Rejection Chutes.
  • Dedicated Computer station
  • Electrical Interface Panel with Operator Pendent
  • Safety Fencing and cable tray laying for robotic cells.
  • System Engineering for handling all variants.
  • Interfacing between robot and furnace.
  • Basic system operation training for the engineer/supervisor

Atmosphere Systems

Atmospheres for clean hardening, annealing, carbonitriding and carburizing.

Endothermic Gas Generators

Unique Features & Option:
  • Gas or electric options
  • Ceramic Fiber or Brick Lined wall refractory
  • Highly reliable Twin Lobe mixer pumps
  • Automatic Mixture flow control with Endo injector system
  • Gas control system- Oxygen probe/Lambda Probe/ Multi Gas Analyser
  • Water Cooled gas cooler/ Water Cooled gas coolers
  • Fine ratio control with Air-Fuel Carburetor.
  • Soot Burn-out provision for prolonging catalyst life.
  • Large Turndown feature available.
  • Control interface screens including alarm display.

EN 301/302 Endothermic Gas Generators

  • 2500 CFH
  • 3600 CFH
  • 5000 CFH
  • 7200 CFH and
  • 10000 CFH

Number of retorts: one, two, three, four retorts.

EZ Series Endothermic Gas Generators

“E-Z” Series endothermic generator is designed with modular design with improved design gives capability to add additional modules as needed.

Sizes available are from
  • 4500 CFH
  • 9000 CFH
  • 13500 CFH

from one, two and three retorts respectively

Nitrogen – Methanol Systems

Either straight Methanol or Nitrogen-Methanol atmospheres eliminates the need for an endothermic gas generator.

Standard Features & Advantages:
  • Double walled Methanol storage tank.
  • Diaphragm pump system
  • High-Low flow control to reduce overall consumption
  • A safety purge of nitrogen is always available in emergency.
  • Better control and flexible regulation of the atmosphere
  • Flexible adaptation of the furnace atmosphere to the specific surface requirements
  • Direct switching atmosphere on or off - no start-up of generators necessary
  • No standby endothermic generator required

Process Control/ SCADA Systems

Process & Operation Control

Standard Operator Panel

Latest HMI Operator Panel

SCADA System
Standard Features:
  • Recipe Management
  • Standard Recipes
  • Operational Control
  • Temperature and Carbon Control
  • Alarms
  • Remote viewing and printing of report
  • Stack lights
  • Screens
  • Instrumentation
Optional Features:
  • Temperature recorder
  • Process gas flow control
  • Quench agitation speed control
  • Furnace fan speed control



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