Manufacturing Capabilities


Gear Manufacturing

Klingelnberg C30

Mitsubhishi Dry Cutting

P40 Gear Measuring Machine

Mitsubhishi Shaver

Phoenix 175HC

CNC Gear Shaper

B 27 Blade Grinder

Gas Metal Arc Welding

T 60 MTE Checking Tester

Gear Grinder Speed Viper SV 300

Gear Grinder Viper 500 W

Spline Rolling Machine

Vertical Machining Centre

Shot Peening Machine

SRS 410 CNC Shaving Cutter Resharpening

Design capability of Hypoid Gears using Klingelnberg KIMoS software.

Design capability of new ratios of Hypoid, Differential and Transmission Gears and also capability to rationalize / upgrade existing customer products.
We are in a position to offer design and development service of Automotive Gears/Gear Boxes/Axle.