2500 CFH to 10000 CFH
  Gas Fired (Recuperated) / Electrically Heated
  U - Tube Alloy Retorts with Nickel Catalyst
  Auto Turndown 33%, Optional 100% Turndown
  Optional VFD - Roots Pump
  Selas Automatic Fire Check Safety
  Auto Air / Gas Ratio Control with
  O2 - Probe / Lambda Probe
5000 CFH Units, Propane Base, Gas Fired    
  Hearth Dia - 1800 to 3600 MM Dia
  Gas Fired (Recuperated) / Electric Heating
  Endothermic / N2 Methanol Atmosphere
  Plain Castable hearth Driven by Variable Speed Motor Gear Box or
  Silicon Carbide Skid Rail Hearth with hydraulic indexing Drive
  2800 mm Dia, Gas Fired, Endo Atmosphere, Varispeed Motor - Gear Box Drive - Press Quenching of Gears
  Mesh Belt with Drive Drum - Pinch Roll Drive or
  Cast Link Belt Driven by Support Rolls
  Gas Fired (Recuperated) / Electric Heating
  Endothermic / N2 Methanol Atmosphere
  Belt Width 450 mm to 1800 mm wide
  Auto Loader, Prewash, Wash, Temper, S.O. Quench
  Hardening & Tempering, Annealing, Austemper
  1000 kg/hr Harden & Temper Line for Fastners Endo
Atmosphere, Electric Radiant Tubes
  Controlled Atmosphere High heat - Gas Fired Radiant Tube, Recuperated OR
  Non Atmosphere High heat - Direct Gas / Oil Fired Recuperated OR
  Drawer Type Electric heating elements
  Low Heat Convection Heating / Rack Type Electric Elements OR Direct Gas / Oil Fired
  ISO Anneal, Spherodised Annealing, Harden - Temper, Normalise etc.
  1000 kg/hr, Isothermal, Annealing Furnace with Tipover to Tumblast